May 31, 2009

What can we do to encourage giving in our communities?

In my community, a common way that people who have more than what they end encourage each other to redistribute their wealth is through house parties thrown to benefit local community organizations. I've heard of other folks forming giving circles. We also help by participating in a culture where used goods are trendy. But is all that money "saved" going to do good things?

What do you and the people you care about do to intentionally redistribute wealth? What can we all do to redistribute resources to help people survive injustice?

There are a lot of things we know about giving. We know that rich people give less as a percentage of their incomes than poor people.

And we know that rich people tend to give more often to institutions and causes that benefit mostly the rich like rich universities and museums. (They at the very least benefit the rich more directly than a group advocating for or enabling low cost local food for local low-income people, for example.)

What have you or people you know done to change the culture to one where people who have more than they need give more than 2%? Please share your ideas, tips, and strategies so that we can all learn. Because 2% is not enough.