July 15, 2009

Post Your Testimony in Favor of Non-Discrimination

A couple of people approached me and said that the quench DIY ethic required required that instead of asking someone else to post written testimony, we should gather and post it here ourselves.

So, here goes. Comment below with a link to your written testimony (anonymous is ok), or email it to quench.zine@gmail.com and we'll post it here. We will only post testimony that respects the autonomy and inherent worth of all people regardless of gender identity or expression, race, sex, religion, etc.

Here is the testimony we already have found:
(Starting with what we found from a simple google search - if I found your testimony online and you would prefer there were not a link here, just email or comment and I can take down the link).
Barney Frank, congressman
Johnny Blazes
Jennifer Levi, GLAD
Lorelei Erisis


Erisis said...

Thanks for linking to my testimony Quench!!! I'm glad you found it!


Johnny Blazes said...

Thanks for posting a link to my testimony! Much appreciated. If you could change the link to spell my name "Johnny Blazes", that would be lovely!

wannatakethisoutside said...

Sorry about the spelling! Fixed it now.

eva said...

Supportive editorial from the Globe:


How to add your own testimony to the mix: