March 20, 2009

I admit it, I still wanna quench

Hey quenchistas,

I have a question for you all. Do you still want to quench? Do you still want to read quench? If you're a writer, do you still want to write for quench?

I've been looking for some more interactive itching of my queer antiracist, well basically anti--bad things and pro-good things (like "people should be allowed to choose their own identities") itch, and quench was always one of those best places to scratch it.

I know posts have been down recently, but our stats say people are still visiting, and I'm wondering if people are still interested. Perhaps we can use the comments of this post to discuss why we are still/no longer interested?

I for one am interested in using this space to keep learning, growing, and being pushed in new directions. Plus, I like all of you. (Except for icarus - for her, I reserve only hate.) But I admit that I haven't been making the effort recently, and starting today, I will try to make the effort.

What do others think? (Even if it's something short - boy will I be bummed if there is so little interested that no one even comments about whether there is interest).


gromphus said...

Yes, yes, yes; still interested. I've intending to post about teh Prop 8 + teh Catholics since October, but, you know. I would pledge to actually get this done within the next two months, but I might lie. In any case, I'll try.
Quench unquenched!

afterannabel said...

I love, love Quench. I've never written for it but I keep trying to work up the courage to submit something. I'd be very sad if Quench updates no longer showed up in my inbox.

icarus said...

aww, I feel so special to be the recipient of hate from such a cool hottie. ;-)

i think Quench has phases...sometimes we have a ton of posts and sometimes it gets slower, but i think it would be awesome to hear what you are all up to and thinking about.


aurora said...

I've had a draft for a post in my head for about two years now...I *do* plan on getting it up here eventually. I just haven't had much to say recently, but I'm always interested in seeing what's on everyone else's minds :)

emily0 said...


spork said...

yes, still interested. can't seem to find the time/energy to sit down and blog, though. but i'm been thinking about a post on "the top 5 most awkward things about being queer/being female (honestly, both are pretty awkward sometimes) in a high-tech, mostly male workplace WHERE NO ONE HAS ADEQUATE SOCIAL SKILLS NOT EVEN ME".

um, keep an eye out for that one. :P

vanessa said...

yes! i love reading quench!

Anonymous said...

Overdraft fee info. A quench favorite.

eva said...

I'm a huge quench admirer and would love to join! Looking for new quenchistas?