March 24, 2009

the haters get ready - will justice succeed over tired stereotypes?

As I was walking through the state house today, I saw a piece of litter on the floor and, do-gooder that I am, I leaned over and picked it up.

Okay, you all know that's not true. I accidentally kicked a piece of paper on the floor and when it landed, I thought I had dropped myself, so I leaned to pick it up. It turned out to be a flier from the opponents to the gender identity and expression equality bill. Here it is below.

It smacks of desperation, trying to use stereotypes and bizarre phobias to manipulate people to oppose the bill. Quenchistas, what do you think about the flier? Help respond to this nonsense. Explain in the comments what you think is wrong with it, how you would make a counter-argument, and how you would help more middle-of-the-road people who aren't quite as far out to the right as the people who made this flier what's wrong with this flier and why to support trans rights.


Technowitch said...

I think it's absolute bullshit, myself. Worse yet, it's -obvious- bullshit--I mean, it reads like a sensationalist tabloid rag.

Sadly, you just know some idiot is going to fall for it. =/

º 0° said...

Um, well it's equating transfolk with sexual predators, which is hilariously bad. Beautiful use of scare quotes with "identifies", too.

"Allowing any man dressed as a woman" is simply transphobia (and homophobia/nonnormalphobia, I guess, for all the drag queens and transvestites), but it's hard to make people see the fact that that isn't what the bill is for without detailing a massive explanation.

The argument is ridiculous anyway, as sexual predators can currently barge into restrooms anyway. If they want to murder/rape the hell out of the people inside, it's not going to matter if somebody gets all huffy and irritated when they go in. Signs on doors do not create magic bubbles of protection.

Why do people always invoke arguments of "OH NO OUR FAMILIES AND OUR CHILDREN ARE UNDER ATTACK BY RAINBOW FLAGS!", anyway? Doesn't that ever get old? How does transfolk using the right bathrooms shit on children's safety?

Melissa0859 said...

How do you overcome this? With facts, of course- In municipalities and States with gender-identity protection laws, There has never, ever been a situation where a sex predator has been caught doing what they do to a child in the restroom of the opposite sex, then claiming they are trans. NO MAN has ever been caught in a dress hanging out in women's restrooms waiting to, or in the process of, sexually assaulting someone. It has never happened. Period. Trans people who use the restroom of the gender they identify with are there to, guess what?? Go to the bathroom! Amazing! In addition, there are already laws in place making sexual stalking and pradatory behavior punishable by law. Most people, who are not prone to hysteria, see this for what it is-Transphobia and hate. Which is why most trans ordinance-backlash propositions fail miserabley. Of course, it's getting said ordinances passed in the first place that is the hard part.