December 09, 2008

Notice to all Employers

Health care is not some unnecessary cost you can thoughtlessly put into your "cost-cutting measures." Especially when you start raising deductibles by the thousands of dollars!

Some people have chronic conditions and know they will reach the deductible every year. And just as bad, people without chronic conditions may not realize to budget this ridiculous raised amount.

The following arguments should never be made: (Note: Not all of these arguments were made by the same employer, as far as I know).

  • Such a small number of our employees would have even been impacted by this policy had it been in place last year.
  • One of the purposes of health insurance is cost-sharing (or risk spreading, or whatever you want to call it). You made my the point! So few of your employees would have each had to pay thousands of dollars. So why are you putting a large burden on a few people rather than paying a relatively modest amount overall.
  • When someone complains and say they will meet the deductible every year, you should not say, "Well, we gave you a raise equal to x% of the new deductible." And the great news is that despite the economy, we are not cutting your pay!
  • You are cutting my effective pay by approximately (100%-x%)*(new deductible-old deductible).
  • This will incentivize frugal use of health care resources.
  • You should try receiving less medical treatment (/fewer doctor visits/fewer specialist visits/whatever).
  • Health care is a benefit, not a right. We're already paying for a lot for you.
  • I'm not dignifying all of these with a response.
Stupid employer-dependent health insurance.

That is all.

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spork said...

Yikes, that sucks! The employer-provided health insurance system is super broken...