September 07, 2008

An Addiction.

OK, I admit it. I'm following the Lindsay Lohan lesbian romance. And it's kind of growing on me. I think this is due mostly to the severe scarcity of queer celebrities my age.

Plus, I think it's kind of cool that a butch-femme couple are basically dominating tabloid headlines. And as Lindsay's MySpace blog posts about Samantha Ronson become increasingly mushy and obvious, it's really endearing.

And Sam is stepping up her style. Her new haircut is a major improvement over the dirty strung-out look, don't you think?


emily0 said...

HAHAHAHA you read myspace.

They are adorable, though.

Ily said...

Agree on the lack of young queer celebs and also the hair improvement. They're cute!

Anonymous said...

ok so I came to the conclusion she was gay like 2 years ago, it feels so GOOD to be right.

icarus said...

Aww, and now they're doing joint blog posts against Sarah Palin and homophobia. Can it get any cuter?

bubblespress said...

I've been reading their blogs too. I only wish their posts didn't get political, their Sarah Palin comments were too harsh... Sam's hair is much better now though, the bleach blonde do with visible dark roots was terrible.

icarus said...

Update: Lindsay has now officially confirmed that she has been dating Sam for "a very long time."


icarus said...'s the video about it ("Lindsay's Got a Girlfriend"). Yes, I know I have a problem. I'm not ashamed.