July 26, 2008

Rep. Sally Kern Caught with Gun at State Capitol

Oh my god, seriously, this post almost writes itself.

-- An Oklahoma lawmaker who made headlines in March for her comments regarding homosexuals was stopped from bringing a gun into the state Capitol on Wednesday, troopers said.

But Rep. "Homosexuals are a bigger threat than terrorists" Kern wants to reassure you that her inappropriate gun-toting "has nothing to do with the homosexual situation." (Good to know that, for once, The Gays aren't to blame!)

Apparently, she was just in such a rush to get inside the Capitol building that she just plumb forgot to take the handgun out of her purse. Whoopsie!

I mean, it could happen to anyone, right?

The incident Wednesday is the second time in two months that Kern has been stopped with a weapon at the Capitol. In early June, troopers said, Kern breached security and entered the Capitol with a weapon. [...]

She stressed that in both cases it was merely a matter of forgetting that she had the weapon.

Oh. Okay, then. As RAGING HOMO Oscar Wilde once said, "To lose one parent bring a gun into a government building once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both do it twice looks like carelessness a Thing That Is Awkward."

OMG. I hereby pronounce Rep. Kern an official, Hollywood-league, train wreck. All that's left are the nude photos and the rehab.


emily0 said...

ZOMG so awkward. That one is a serious win. I hope you don't mind if I repost at W4D.

libhom said...

People like her show why handguns should be banned. She doesn't sound stable enough to own a handgun.

PenguinKye said...

I think EVERYONE who is too stupid to remember they are carrying a handgun should be permitted to carry a handgun. THAT SOUNDS FANTASTIC. XD

If at some point she uses it and shoots someone, she'll probably say she got it confused with her hand lotion.