July 26, 2008

QWOC Week (Queer Women of Color)

An update from Queer Women of Color! August 4-10 is QWOC Week: details below.

QWOC Week - a once very distant dream - is finally happening in Boston! Mark your calendars and put in those day-off requests because we're putting together an incredible lineup of events.

Visit www.qwocboston.org/Events.html to view the entire schedule, but most importantly, spread the word. We're calling LGBTQ people of color from far and wide to come on down to Beantown and celebrate with us. Going Boston link.

If you're interested in volunteering, email to volunteerqwocboston.org stating
your interest (in any specific event, if you choose).

We have a wonderful group of volunteers working on the events but could use more planning, promoting and admin help.

You ready, people? It's time to paint the city in purple! Don't you think it would be cool to see it everywhere that week? Yeah, it can't be found as easily as other colors, and not everyone has it in their closet cause it doesn't "go" with everything. But, that's what's been said about LGBTQ people of color, too... Seems fitting.

Happy Purple Pride everyone!

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