July 04, 2008

Live Long and Marry

What do you get when you combine marriage equality, a charity auction, and a Dalek Christmas Ornament?

...I'm not really sure, but it seems pretty cool.

A bunch of folks over on LiveJournal have started an auction for marriage equality. Everyone is welcome to offer up their goods and services, everyone is welcome to bid, and bids are made as donations to "Equality For All, Marriage Equality USA, Equality California, or your preferred organization or coalition fighting for marriage equality."

Y'all should check it out: http://community.livejournal.com/livelongnmarry/

Bidding is open until July 15th, and over $3,300 has been raised already!

Thanks go to esteemed young adult novelist Tamora Pierce for bringing the auction to this Quenchista's attention. (Tammy has a couple items up for auction here and here.)

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