July 11, 2008

Herald outdoes itself with transphobic article

This latest article has to be something record-setting even for the awfulness of the Herald. Warning: it's horrific. Undercover ‘john’ takes on trannies, pimps.

I'm not smart enough to dissect this article right now, so please... hack the Herald article into tiny pieces, then we'll all mail them to the paper.


Here's the contact information for the Herald.

Please contact the Boston Herald and call on them to issue an apology. Tell them that they are failing to meet basic standards of journalistic integrity and that they must remove the defamatory terminology and references from the article.

Boston Herald Contacts:
Jessica Van Sack
City Reporter
(617) 619-6437

Joe Dwinell
City Executive Co-Editor
(617) 619-6177

Kevin Convey
Editor in Chief
(617) 619-6403


icarus said...

wow. that's so offensive it's almost ridiculous. i sent them an email (not sure they will listen, but it's worth a shot), and i encourage other people to do so as well.


emily0 said...

It's sort of a self-parody... except it's in print. And serious. And so fucking appalling.

The opening line is: "James Fong has been trapped inside houses of ill repute by giant naked trannies."

What the fuck is that shit?

Oh, and hardened detective that he is, the great hero of bravery, what is his war story? What is his "claim to toughness"?

“Before we do anything, you have to get dressed up,” said Leeza, shedding her overcoat to reveal a surgically altered woman-in-the-making underneath. “I want you to wear this.”

It was the sight of lady’s lingerie - thoughtfully laid out in different sizes and colors by the prostitute - that prompted Fong to do something he’d never before done: turn around and walk out. Silently.

Leeza was the one who got away. But that was all right with Fong.

“It just wasn’t gonna happen,” he says.

Un-fucking-believable. He must be the stupidest, most useless cop in the fucking world.

icarus said...

I heard that the Boston Police are working to recruit transgender applicants for the upcoming police exam in May 2009. Send me an email if you want more info. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Could someone post the text of the article? Now the full article is pay-only, and I don't want to help out their stats by forking anything over.

icarus said...

There is a cached version of it here.

I'm not going to paste the whole thing, because I don't want them to threaten me or something, but email me if you want it. Sigh...