July 30, 2008

CNN Tries to Deal with Gender and Olympics... Ends up Being Awkward.

Let's look at "things that are awkward..." again.

"Olympians tested for gender." Including great lines discussing how some men might have been used in women's games because the countries "really, really, really, really wanted to win." Or just the general sense of awkwardness. Or the suggestion that they should just "look under the hood."

The best part is that the first half is about gender, and they are MAD awkward. Then the second half is about a guy who shot a lawnmower, and they are so comfortable talking about that. Wtf?


Anonymous said...

Hey just a tip for a blog post, you might direct your readers (and yourselves) to this:

http://www.youtube.com/user/sootmouthnz. This is the first television show to deal explicitly with asexuality.

Anonymous said...

The annoying thing about this whole "testing" crap is that the IOC specifically allows transgender athletes who have passed certain criteria (post genital surgery by at least two years and currently undertaking hormone therapy.)

WTF? this should be a non-issue.