June 18, 2008

Racism Watch

Warren Ellis, the übersnarky British bastard comix writer I adore, actually caught this one... a bad sign when bitchy British cultural monkeywrenchers notice how racist the fucking Republicans are.

I’ve long been fond of American political campaign ephemera. This, however, is not something I’d want in the house.

Nor I... gug.

It gets worse, though: he links to the Dallas Morning News, "this badge was found available for sale at a Republican state convention."

There were other pins that weren’t necessarily conveying the positive, inclusive, united front that has been portrayed during the convention. One said, "Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Deportation" and another, "I will hold my nose when I vote for McCain."

Sweet fucking Christ. I have no words.

A list of the available buttons is here, but don't eat too soon before clicking, it made me hurlicious.

Speaking of Warren Ellis, Geeks of Doom made a list of the best Twitterings Warren Ellis has sent out recently. Here's their intro:

It might almost be worth the Arse-beating you’d get from following around Warren Ellis all day to hear what the comic writer and genius wordsmith thinks about during off moments of boredom and inactivity. If you value keeping teeth inside your mouth, twitter provides an alternative.

If you hopped up "House" with caffeine and shaved his head and aimed his scalpel at the general public instead of patients, you'd get Warren Ellis. Also you'd have armed his assistants with fearless loyalty, rusty shivs and unlubed dildos.


icarus said...

That's awful. Were the buttons you linked to all available at the Convention, or is that just a vendor?

emily0 said...

That's a vendor, but apparently they were all available from what the reports say.