June 26, 2008

First Congressional Hearing on transgender issues today!

The first Congressional Hearing on transgender issues is happening at 10:30 a.m. EST today and is titled: "An Examination of Discrimination Against Trangender Americans in the Workplace."

There is a live webcast here (you may have to click on the link and then refresh the page to launch the player).

The people testifying are:

  • Shannon Price Minter, Legal Director for National Center for Lesbian Rights (founding member of NCTE)
  • Diane Schroer, Retired Colonel, US Army (member of NCTE)
  • Diego Sanchez, Director of Public Relations and External Affairs for AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts (Founding Board of Directors for NCTE) - and MTPC member!
  • Sabrina Marcus Taraboletti, Former Space Shuttle Engineer (founding member of NCTE)
  • Bill Hendrix, Chair of Gays, Lesbians, and Allies at Dow (GLAD) for Dow Chemical Company
The minority party has called the following witnesses:
  • JC Miller, Partner at Thompson Hine
  • Glen Lavy, Senior Counsel for Alliance Defense Fund
More information is available here.

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