May 25, 2008

trans, genderqueer, gender variant youth in MA

Some young folks in MA, supported by MTPC, are planning and organizing the state's first ever Trans Youth Summit for folks under 24 who identify as transgender, genderqueer, or gender variant, or may otherwise fit into the "transgender umbrella."

Support these young folks planning the event by spreading the word far and wide, and letting young people you know know about the event.

MTPC can help with transportation costs, and will also pay for t-shirts and a free lunch. Folks just need to sign up soon so that the planners have a good sense of the numbers of folks attending. If you are under 24 and trans, genderqueer, gender variant, or otherwise a part of the "transgender umbrella," please sign up and attend the summit. It's just one day (Sat Jun 28), and it is the first event of its kind in Massachusetts.

More information, including registration information at the Youth Summit website.

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icarus said...

This sounds amazing! I hope lots of people check it out!