May 13, 2008

Thing That is Awkward: A Publick Apologee

I come before you to confess my sins.

O friends, I did in fact rent and enjoy this horrid and tawdry film, 27 Dresses, & during the viewing of which did ogle Katherine Heigl lesboppropriately, but only whilst committing the sin of enjoying a hypertawdriclicous romance film of the genre known as "extreme heteronormative chick flick", for which my excuse of lesboögling is no excuse at all.

O my friends, I compound my error by buying into the heteronormativity of said "flick" and imagining it were, in fact, me as Katherine Heigl's character, but while James Marster is in fact pretty cool I did substitute also Katherine Heigl or another hot woman whenever he did appear with Witty Male Banter.

My sins are made worse by my shame at not truly being contrite for having enjoying this film, and duly confess that I also rented another film with Katherine Heigl in't, namely Knocked Up, of which I am of the understanding is even yuckier heteronormativity (but O sweet friends, she is so hot, ever since I saw her as a youngun on that show where she were an alien, ahhhh), wherein a drunken frat boy is "redeemed" as the ideal match for her.

In an attempt to hide my sins, I do duly confess that under the pressure of feeling ill, I did rent also extreme violence movies to try to "water down" my sins, namely Hitman & Live Free or Die Hard.

HOWEVER! I did also rent Michael Clayton, which though it has George Clooney, does in fact feature the unbearably desirable Tilda Swinton, with whom I fell madly in love as a child while watching Orlando and who, over the years, has only gotten hotter. (Her portrayal of the Archangel Michael in the otherwise horrid Constantine made me swoon with desire...)

O my friends, forgive me these lapses, as I am only human.


Anonymous said...

Never apologise for the lovely and talented Heigl. She is amazing.

emily0 said...

She is indeed remarkable, hence my appreciation for her.

However, no level of Heiglisation of those movies can make up for the sheer level of normativity they project. No queers, no people of colour aside from a minor Desi character, totally white, class issues ignored despite being blatantly present for the main character... it's so sugar-sweet false it would make my teeth hurt if I had cavities.

Only Heigl & Marsters made it watchable... that and my apparent inability to think while at the movie store. Or while watching it. Gah even I am subject to the frigging Barbie Princess syndrome.

Ptui, ptui, I reject thee, Barbie Princess crack smoking.