May 13, 2008

Anti-Trans Moron Appointed as Head of DMV-V Committee on Trans Issues!

I am forwarding this from where I encountered it on TransMuslims: here's a quote from a site that has more information and a petition.

The American Psychological Association (APA) recently appointed Dr. Kenneth Zucker to chair the task force responsible for updating of mental health language and treatment of diagnoses such as Gender Identity Disorder (GID) for the upcoming DSM-V (Diagnostics and Statistics Manual, Fifth Edition).

Don’t let his recent appearance on NPR sounding like a nice guy fool you. At a time when the American Medical Association (AMA) is supporting stopping discriminating against and stigmatizing transgender people, Dr. Zucker is a widely recognized proponent of reparation (”ex-gay”) and aversion therapy for children and youth. These techniques have been proven to be ineffective at best and–more often–severely damaging to the mental health of people who are LGB or T.

I am looking into this more but I am mostly just making this post a flag for us... please look into it if you can.

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daftgiraffe said...

Oh, was this the guy in the NPR piece about the two trans-identified children? His treatments didn't make him sound like a "nice guy." I mean, taking away the kid's toys? Constant, oppressive badgering about whether or not the kid dreamed about being a girl? He sounds like a monster.

Consider the analogy he made: he wanted to make boys who wanted to be girls feel more comfortable in their own gender because, he argued, it's like a black child saying that he wants to be white. You would, for such a child, try to make him comfortable in his own skin. But that's not analogous at all - whereas a black kid wanting to be white likely stems from the shame and injustice of internalized racism, it's doubtful that an internal conviction of gender identity comes from the same place.

emily0 said...

Yes. That's the one.

He's horrid & I can't believe they tapped him! WTF!

He's a go-to guy for the Ant0Fag Moonbats - you know, exgay torture treatments and the like. He specialises in torturing children.