April 14, 2008

So wrong, but so right

OMG I so wish I was that girl, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *rolls on floor snorting*

Thanks to Hahn@home

Edit Since this video has angered some of my friends, I wanted to say: at the end of the video, they're having sex. That was the part I found so amusing.

And yes, it is tiresome to have transwomen be causing gay panic. I agree.

I keep getting in trouble for posting these videos, I should learn by now. I thought this one was amusing because of that specific reason: gay panic, then they're having sex!

And yes, it's "come prepared, be a freaking adult" is the message, specifically 'use our condoms' but with a larger message.

Or so I thought. *shrug*


maudite entendante said...

I'm choosing to interpret that "Be sure" as "Be sure you have your own condom with you rather than depending on the hot chick you pick up to give you one." Agreed? ;)

Anonymous said...

Can we have a little warning or analysis when this stuff comes up?

These videos with "haha trans person" as the punch line of a joke are just potentially upsetting.

It's too bad it is apparently such a funny joke.

It's also funny that it's always the straight guy being horrified. Perhaps a hint about how we can terrorize straight guys?


emily0 said...

At the end of the video, they're having sex. Did you miss that?

maudite entendante said...

Em, the way the video plays on my machine, it ends with his eyes bugging out; is there something after that, where they're actually getting it on? 'Cause I think it's actually pretty easy to miss, if there is.

Question, though - do you think Trojan is as progressive as you're giving 'em credit for?

Anonymous said...

Actually I did miss that. I don't know how. wtto

Anonymous said...

PS. I didn't mean to "get you in trouble" or getting angry. I was just trying to post my reaction.

Not angry at all, particularly at you.


maudite entendante said...

Not angry here either, though I did have a moment of "didn't she say last time she posted something like this that she'd post a warning?"

(And I still don't buy that they're having sex at the end ... it looks like the wrapper's been thrown away. But film interpretation is an inexact art. *grin*)

emily0 said...

Sorry I've been irresponsible with that post. I did promise but I didn't do it. It wasn't deliberate, it was Not Paying Attention, of which I am very guilty.

(At the end, the car is sex-bouncing.)

I don't think Trojan is necessarily progressive. That film only posits that men can have sex with anything and not be sluts. It was clearly meant for amusement, without a doubt.