April 14, 2008

Heartbreaking work of staggering gayness

Hey, all - totally frivolous media post here. *grin*

I just created a Last.fm account (I'm entendante there, too), and as I was setting up my playlist, I noticed ... well ... a pattern developing: Ani, Ani, DarDarDarDarDar, some Catie Curtis, some Hedwig, some Dollyrots, and a Brady Earnhart song called "Honey Don't Think Your Mama Don't Know About You."

Do you think, maybe, I might possibly be a little tiny bit not-quite-straight?

(There's also a lot on there of a singer-songwriter named Amy Martin who I'm currently loving, and who doesn't make me any straighter.)

Anyway, go have a listen - either to the playlist or to the radio - and if you have an account, be my very queer friend! :)

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