April 22, 2008

Good Asian Drivers ... rolling into your town?

So, those of you who are regular Quench readers probably know that we here have a tendency to turn into the Kit Yan Fan Club on a fairly regular basis. Which means you can no doubt imagine my delight when, upon finding ourselves in Chicago this evening, a very good friend and I decided to catch the University of Chicago leg of Kit's Good Asian Drivers tour (with the also amazing Melissa Li, singer-songwriter extraordinaire).

The event was co-sponsored by U of C Pride Week and PanAsia, so there was a pretty fabulous mix of people . . . and, oh my god, you guys!! It rocked. so. hard.

(yes, I'm sleepy and this is fangirlish and not very substantive. sorry.)

After the concert - several poems by Kit, several songs by Melissa, and a couple of joint efforts - I went over to be my usual awkward "I-adore-you-so-much-I-can't-speak-in-sentences" self. (You should hear how incoherent I get when I meet famous linguistics professors.) I start off by saying, "Um, have you - by any chance, you know - possibly - heard of the blog, Quench, that's run out of Harvard?" I figure that should put me in some social context, since for all the times we've mentioned Kit here, maybe word has floated back to him somehow, and then it won't seem so weird that I'm introducing myself. It's like press credentials, right?

Mm-hmm. Turns out, you guys, Kit Yan loves Quench. Possibly not as much as we love him (because I wasn't getting the vibe of nearly-creepy devotion that sometimes we can give off), but let's just say it was definitely a mutual admiration moment. Very exciting.

Incidentally, the other Good Asian Driver, Melissa Li, is definitely a Person to Add to Our List. Think a little bit Ani, a little bit Christine Lavin, with a dash of the other Melissa (Etheridge) just to make sure the whole package is sufficiently gay. Below you will find her highly silly (and criminally catchy) music video, "Such A Nice Guy," but I also suggest you check out "Mr. Mighty," which is on her MySpace, and (hint, hint) on her CD, available for purchase at goodasiandrivers.com.

(It's appropriate that Kit is playing the Nice Guy here, because he totally is - surprisingly, he's pretty soft-spoken in person, but really friendly and approachable.)


All told, I had a great night. If you live west of Chicago, or are attending the UU General Assembly in Fort Lauderdale, you can also have a great night with the Good Asian Drivers tour, because that's the direction they're heading. See where Kit and Melissa will be next. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have CDs to listen to. (And, um, homework and stuff to do.)


wannatakethisoutside said...

I just finally got around to watching this. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

hey quench, i'm trying to schedule a show from their fall tour here, at harvard. Are you guys interested in helping out?


Anonymous said...

ana huang

emily0 said...

The video was removed...

emily0 said...

Ok the video is back now.

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