April 25, 2008

The best things about being an adult.

I had a hard week last week so this week I've been thinking about a lot of the good things in my life. As a relatively new adult, I thought today about the best things about being an adult for me. They are in no particular order. What are the best things about being an adult to you (or a teen or a kid if that's you)?

  • pajamas whenever I want except to work - to the grocery store, to friends' houses, whatever
  • choices about how to use my time
  • sex
  • sex without being in my parents' space (somehow makes it better?)
  • more different kinds of friendships
  • treated like a whole/rational person by other adults (it shouldn't be this way but it is)
  • more risks, more rewards
  • certain kinds of independence
  • being able to sign my own life away (ie consent to do stupid/risky things)
  • creative fun with food
Any other best or worst things?


aurora said...

I've actually been thinking about this stuff recently, too. Things I like being a (young) adult:

- Playing with little kids and realizing that they look up to me as a real adult
- Chocolate whenever I want
- Staying up late and sleeping in
- Spending and saving my own money and having money that I know I earned
- Grocery shopping

Anonymous said...

When i was a teenager, I was so depressed, I attempted suicide several times. When I became an adult, I moved out, got an apartment, and lost weight. Lost weight.. how? Because I wasn't forced to eat whatever my mother bought me. I decided to become a vegetarian, take up some recipies, and go to the grocery store at my own free will and buy healthy products. My mother's idea of a healthy meal was always salad with dressing, no tomatoes, and maybe crutons.