March 08, 2008


An updated report on the hearing for HB1722:

The turnout was AWESOME. There were at least a hundred supporters in the State House almost all day, wearing "Trans Rights Now!" stickers and helping out. They stuck it out despite the hot and crowded hearing room, and the long wait. Tons of really great people expressed their support of the bill, including new Cambridge mayor Denise Simmons, Boston mayor Thomas Menino, Governor Deval Patrick, and legislative sponsors Representative Carl Sciortino and Representative Byron Rushing.

I thought a particularly great testimony was from Jennifer Levi, a senior staff attorney at GLAD. She spoke about "discomfort" being raised as an objection to non-discrimination laws, and the importance of such laws for exactly that reason. Here's what she said:

You can also check out her thoughts on testifying and written testimony.

Great work, everyone. We are one step closer to equal rights for trans people in Massachusetts!

Update: MTPC has a video compilation of testimony up now.

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