March 05, 2008


Hi everyone!

The hearing yesterday for HB1722, the trans nondiscrimination bill, had great turnout. There were so many incredible people who testified on behalf of the bill. Stay tuned for a longer post soon!

Thank you to everyone who showed up and spoke out for equality. It was really incredible.


Katie said...

So glad it went well!

I wrote a good-vibes-to-the-hearing post yesterday giving a personal (some might say too personal) example of how trans feminism has improved my life. Big thanks to everyone at quench for always inspiring me with your incredible work (in addition to brightening many a day with your consistent, brilliant hilarity).

maudite entendante said...

So, the Loyal Opposition has finally put up their report on the hearing. It's pretty anti-climactic, actually - really boring compared to their usual batshittery - but if you are a person who testified at the hearing, you should go look for your photo. You just might be famous.