March 05, 2008

Ron Sullivan's Words of Wisdom

There's a post up at I Blame the Patriarchy which I found via Ginmar that quotes Ron Sullivan:

One thing an old broad like me has seen many many many times already is some huffulacious oh-so-sincere dude walking in to a group of women almost at random and telling them
a/ what they should be doing in their free time;
b/ how to do it right;
c/ how to be feminists;
d/ why he has their best interests at heart, really;
e/ why he's qualified to give them orders;
f/ that they're intolerant, which is self-evidently a Bad Thing;
g/ that they're preaching to the choir (and the biggest surprise is that they're preaching);
h/ that some of his best fucks are women;
i/ how to be better feminists;
j/ that they're not serious enough;
k/ that his wife thinks he's the greatest;
l/ what God thinks;
m/ why whatever he's doing this month is more important then feminism;
n/ that feminism is boo-zhwah, and that's self-evidently a Bad Thing;
o/ that they're shrill - wow, I almost forgot shrill;
p/ that they can't pee standing up;
q/ that they should be ashamed of themselves;
r/ that they just don't welcome open and vigorous debate;
s/ that he needs a beer (this is followed by an expectant silence);
t/ that they're taking everything he said wrong;
u/ that they're unreasonable;
v/ that they're ~touchy~;
w/ that they've never said anything about oppression of women in (choose sauce: Iraq, Afghanistan, China, sub-Saharan Africa, the southeastern USA, the ghet-to, Brazil, Antarctica)
x/ that they should apologize to him because his parents had him circumcised;
y/ that he Is Too A Feminist (which evidently means something);
z/ how they should transcend feminism and embrace humanism.

Pick any two menu items and get the third half-price; pick any three and get the fourth free. With five you get a can of wine. And if you're the guy in question, you get a free hot cup of Shut the Fuck Up.

Ginmar is right: "Too good not to share".

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