March 12, 2008

HIV+ people can't travel to the U.S. Think that's fair?

(Posted at the request of a friend...)

Hey folks,

I need to ask you a favor. Could you please take a minute and call your elected officials about something? Currently, there is a travel ban in place that prohibits most HIV+ folks from traveling to the U.S. The United States Congress is taking up this issue via two bills - H.R. 3337 (House of Representatives) and S. 2486 (Senate) respectively. Please contact your elected officials' offices and ask to register a legislative comment in support of the respective bills that would reverse the ban.

To get the contact information for your elected officials, enter your zip code here on the left side:

If you can't get a hold of a staff member at their local offices, don't be afraid to call the Washington, DC office.

We now know how HIV is transmitted and it isn't airborne or via travel. It's time to remove these old rules and let HIV+ people come to the U.S. Your voice is needed to make this a reality.


For Cantabrigians, by the way, your congresscritters are as follows:
  • Rep. Mike Capuano: 617-621-6208 (Cambridge); 202-225-5111 (DC)
  • Sen. Ted Kennedy: 617-565-3170 (Boston); 877-472-9014 (toll-free); 202-224-4543 (DC)
  • Sen. John F. Kerry: 617-565-8519 (Boston); 202-224-2742 (DC)

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