March 07, 2008

Free Transgender Legal Clinic - Get Legal Info / Give Legal Info

To me, the essence of community is to give what we have and to take what we need.

In Boston, there is a free legal clinic for low income transgender people called Massachusetts Transgender Legal Advocates.

If you are a low income transgender person with legal questions, check out their website in order to figure out how to access their services. (If you are looking for general information about the laws as they relate to transgender people, I recommend GLAD's Transgender Issues site.)

If you are a lawyer, will explain to you how you can volunteer your skills and knowledge as a consultant.

If you are a law student or new lawyer, will explain how you can volunteer your skills as an advocate.

MTLA will likely soon put out a call for volunteer translators so if you speak English and another language, keep your eyes peeled.

We don't necessarily need to have a big organization to meet our community's needs, and in the case of legal needs for low income transgender people, we don't have one. Sometimes sharing information, skills, and resources is a pretty big step towards getting everyone what they need.

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