February 26, 2008

Things That Are Awkward


A person I know ordered a nice, discreet sex toy. Instead, what came in the mail was this.

For clarification, it is as long as my forearm.

I'm going to smack this person in the head with it and remind them to order from reliable stores and not from creepy online services.

BAD person I know! Bad!


fibrofog said...

"BIG size for BIG fun"--hahaha.

icarus said...

i would like to refer everyone to the Quench guide to online sex toy shopping. i hope it will help avoid such future calamities.

Anonymous said...

in my defense, i am insane and don't even remember what i was trying to order nor where i ordered it from. i don't even think i was drunk! i plea insanity! i need hot girls to come over and make it better.

emily0 said...

Uh, since that comment was also anonymous, hot girls can contact me instead. :-)