February 03, 2008

I don't even know where to start...

Quenchista: wow, angstilicious away message.
(btw, this is what I want for Valentine's Day)
Anonymous Nerd: wtf
Quenchista: Yeah, I'm not sure I want to stick an investment item in my cunt.
Anonymous Nerd: i dunno... maybe it'd appreciate
Quenchista: ::giggle:: how would you describe that to the insurance appraiser?
Anonymous Nerd: or your accountant? "you know, we didn't want to be skittish and pull our investment out, just 'cause it seemed like the market was going down... i mean, pulling out is never the solution when times get hard."
Quenchista: "Oh, baby! Hold! Hold! Hold! SEEEELLLLLLLLL!!!!!!"
Anonymous Nerd: god yeah, baby, roll over into /my/ 401 k...
Quenchista: Mmmmm, now that I've got the real thing, who needs internet banking anymore?
Anonymous Nerd: this is the nerdiest. conversation. ever.
Quenchista: yeah, probably. ;c)
love yooou. ::innocent eyes::
Anonymous Nerd: do you have any snail mail envelopes suitable for mailing a cd?
Quenchista: the smaller bubble ones should do it; you're welcome to check.
Anonymous Nerd: k, thanks
Quenchista: wow - my summer roommate has a blog.
and it's a real lady-pleaser.
Anonymous Nerd: mmm, baby. you make every one of /my/ molecules fluoresce...
Quenchista: When I'm around you, I want to do biophysics with two molecules...
Anonymous Nerd: oh god, you hot thing, you. i have my eye on your ions...
Anonymous Nerd: do you think, if i asked really nicely... that you'd make my bunsen burn? 'cause mm, i want you in my elements 29-7-52...
Quenchista: You do realize I'm Quenching this, right? ;c)
Anonymous Nerd: is there anyway to make a quench post anonymously?
so people won't guess it's you in the conversation?
Quenchista: I could ask someone else to post it for me.
Anonymous Nerd: that might make sense
Quenchista: will do, then. ::tries to come up with pervy thing to say about biophysics and internet privacy::



Matt Gordon said...

DNA is intrinsically fluorescent, as are tryptophan and flavins. So, every one of your molecules probably does fluoresce, weakly, even in the absence of an excitation source. (HA! "Excitation source"! I kill me!)

emily0 said...

"Quenchista: wow, angstilicious away message.

Snazzy is the name of Em3's cat.

Actually, it's Azalea, but we call him Snazalea for his arrogant awesomeness and Snazzy for short.

How fun!