February 25, 2008

Anyone else watch the Oscars?

I missed the first third, and am not much of a movie buff or famous-person-stalker to care too much about it normally...

But did anybody else hear the last thing said before Jon Stewart closed the program?

The final award was for Best Picture. "No Country for Old Men" won. Producer Scott Rudin gave the acceptance speech. And the last person he thanked was his partner, John Barlow. Awww! You could hear his voice stutter as he said it, but it was just so amazing to hear that as the way to close the show.

After that, Jon Stewart basically said "Thank you, good night, get home safe." And that was it.

I thought it was great. More about Scott Rudin here.

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icarus said...

aww, that's adorable! i didn't see the end because i had to watch L Word. speaking of which, last night's episode was sooo cute. i love love love Tasha!

anyway, yay Oscars. who do you think was best dressed? worse?