January 21, 2008

Tips for being an ally

In the past, we've posted several zine pages and blog posts on being an ally to trans folks, mostly directed at non-trans gay, lesbian, or bisexual folks who would like to be better allies to trans folks.

I was recently hanging out in a group of trans folks who were predominately straight-identified and passing (as non-trans), some of whom were gender non-conforming and some of whom were gender conforming. The group came up with the idea that it would be very helpful to have such a list of ally tips for non-GLB trans folks on how to be good allies to GLB members of the community. Coalition politics goes both ways.

I know there is no one answer to this question, but I thought a brainstorm session could help. Quench readers and writers, do you have ideas you would suggest?

1 comment:

Gunner said...

1. Be open about being a straight ally
2. Interrupt homophobia in transgender and cross dressing spaces
3. Being supportive of GLB communities will not out you as being transgender or cross dresser