January 11, 2008

OurChart presents: Things That Are Awkward

Okay so I'm finally on OurChart cos, like, you know, there is girls there, and I was reading a very very amusing column entitled "WWJD". J is for Jenny. As in Jenny Jenny. As much as I think they totally fucking destroyed her character this season and I'm annoyed with everything about episode one except for Max's interaction with Leisha Haley and Moonlighting-Lady's characters, the column is hysterical.

Anyway, so are the comments on them. The best one - which I had to share - was this one about orgasms:

This is going to sound so pathetic but I had a dream, when I was 19, that my then ''straight'' college mate was giving me head. Unfortunately, I was on Xmas break.. at home... and, well,... my Dad thought I was being murdered...
Haha AWKWARD. And terribly discomfy to boot, yowtch!

But don't worry! The story has a happy ending!

I made her do the real thing for graduation.

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Anonymous said...

"made" her do the real thing for graduation? sounds vaguely like rape to me.

emily0 said...

Uh. I don't think so... I mean, I think it was being racy.

I mean, unless I am misunderstanding something.

Anonymous said...

well, the phrase "made her do it" suggests it wasn't consensual. if she (the roommate) wanted to do it, why wouldn't the poster have written "we did the real thing for graduation"


emily0 said...

I'm calling 'troll' on this comment. I'm sorry, I don't see this comment as a description of a rape. It sounds like a stylistic turn of phrase to me.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's necessarily a troll. It could be interpreted either way from what I can tell.

Doesn't mean a flame war is required about it. I don't think someone is a troll until they try to start flame.


emily2 said...

speaking of the L word, the new season has officially jumped the shark.

emily2 said...

one more comment: the pam grier "prison strut" scene was, however, pretty awesome.

icarus said...

i just watched the second episode last night. and i want to say that Jenny has become a more horrible caricature than i thought possible. yeah, the writing is bad. but TASHA is still soo hot. and Dusty is kind of great too.