January 22, 2008

Blogging for Choice: Imogen the Incubator

Remember Baby Elena? Heck, any of you remember Harvard Right to Life's previous poster-fetus Natalie?

Well, it's telling, I think, that the syndicated poster-fetus of Catholic.net isn't a cute little girl with a vaguely Ethnostani name.

He's Umbert. Umbert the Unborn. (No, I'm not linking to him, because I don't want to give his creator - Gary Cangemi - any more traffic than my own morbid rubbernecking has given him already. And I'm not posting a strip because Umbert is rather aggressively copyrighted. But you can find his womb-site - no, I'm not making this shit up - at umbert the unborn dot com.)

Billed as "the world's most lovable unborn baby (next to yours)," little Umbert is a little white boyfetus with a penchant for spouting really tired pro-birth rhetoric in the first person. He also, over New Year's, ordered a big-screen television to be delivered inside his mother's womb (via UPS, the Unborn Postal Service, natch) so he could watch football.

Man, they start 'em young.

So I got to thinking ... where was the point of view of Umbert's mother host body in all this? Oh, silly rabbit, points-of-view are for boyfetuses!

So, yeah. Presenting a humble little endeavor I like to call "Imogen the Incubator."

Read, and - well, if not enjoy, at least think.

Episode 1:


View a slideshow of all the Imogen strips to date.
(As of 1/22/08, there are four, each telling the story of a different "Imogen." Keep checking back as I continue to get fired-up. Also, if people want, I could just post at least the first batch here.)

(Thanks to Pandagon for the inspiration for this particular episode, and to Ginmar for going way beyond the call of duty in tracking down the Pandagon post and a similar one of her own.)


icarus said...

this is so creative and interesting. awesome work!

icarus said...

also, i'm a fan of you posting all the comics here, too.

Jamie said...

Like so much of your work, this is beautiful, emotional, moving... And terrifying in that the world needs this perspective.

About 5 years ago, back when I was a boy, a moment's spontaneity ended up with her pregnant. At the time, we already had a three year old son, her near-minimum-wage job was our only income, and my mother had just died.

It was a harrowing, scarey time. And I will say here, we considered very hard the option of aborting. We had, more or less, decided to do so, really.

We went to the local clinic, humilated by the protesters (thankfully only about 4) in the parking lot in the sub-zero temperatures.

They were some of the kindest, gentlest people we ever met. At no point did they /ever/ try to sway us either way. They talked about the procedure in a clinical way, focusing on the impact to my wife's body, both if we decided to abort, and if we went through with it. They counselled us, listened to our reasons, and understood.

I don't think I am, or perhaps even can, express how we were treated by them. I say 'focusing on the impact', and I realise that could sound a lot like the 'crises centers' talking about lifelong depression, regret, etc. This was NOT that; this was pure medical information, on what she could expect to happen.

In the end, after much meditation and thought, we did decide we would go through with it. My daughter was born in September, and we gave her my mother's name as her middle name (Rhiannon Mary). We have never regretted our choice, but we cherish the fact that we HAD that choice, and that had we chosen differently, we would have received love and support, not scorn and ridicule.

Thank you, to you and every other pro-choice blogger and reader out there, for making the world a better place and fighting for a woman's basic right to decide how her body is treated.

Jamie said...

(Damned typos. By 'with her pregnant' I did, of course, me 'with my wife pregnant'.

Anonymous said...