January 16, 2008


Hello all! Despite being authorized for quite a while, I'm Quenching for the first time ever (per recommendation of our lovely teacozy). Oddly enough, this has really got nothing to do with sexuality and not much to do with gender, but I ran across a delightful bit of art I wanted to share, so there you are. Presenting people expressing their age through drums:

Doesn't that make you happy? It was created by artists Lenka Clayton and James Price for the Portable Film Festival. I especially love how proud so many people are of their age, and the real sense of emotional progression there is through the numbers. Good times. Anyway, hope to post more in the future, since I am actually one of those crazy studies-gender-writing-her-thesis-on-sex-education types, but thought I'd start it all off with something happy.


icarus said...

that's so cool!

icarus said...

and yay for your first Quench post!

Anonymous said...

The craziest part for me is that 96 has the same accent as my deceased grandmother, who was approaching 90 when she died, and looks like her. Whoa!