August 30, 2007

Bathroom Problem - awkward.

Our friends at Afropologë on Larry Craig:

what the hell is going on with the republican party lately? seriously. more republicans are gay these days than hippies. the remaining republicans who haven't been shamed by turning up as secretly gay, black, or female are like, who? george bush and karl rove? thats gonna make for a really awkward national convention.

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Also, there's a TV in the lobby of my workplace, which I can see from my desk. Every time - seriously, every single time - the news anchor starts discussing the Republican "Bathroom Problem", a crowd of people spontaneously appears around the TV. As soon as the segment is over, the crowd is gone. Over and over again all day.

Props to for the sweet visual aid.

August 09, 2007

Tonight: Big Gay Debate

Check it out - tonight at 9PM EST, the HRC-sponsored "Visible Vote" debate will be broadcast live on the Logo channel and the internet. This is the first time that American presidential candidates have had a whole debate specifically on queer issues.

I'm not sure what to expect, but I'll definitely be watching.

While we're on the topic, US citizens: if you haven't registered to vote, or if you need to change your residence or update your absentee ballot preference (ahem, college students), check out and they'll walk you through it.

August 08, 2007

Our old friend Lucy Caldwell is so famous right now

Lucy Caldwell, controversial Crimson columnist, recently got herself in the spotlight when she used her credentials to reveal to the world that Rudy Giuliani's 17 year old daughter used to be part of a Barack Obama facebook group. She's since been kicked off facebook, aparently, for violating the ToS.

I've been reading blogs today, and man are people pissed. Here's a write-up of the whole thing that's gotten popular on digg.

The slime merchant at Slate, which started this scandalous behaviour, Lucy Morrow Caldwell, has the headline “Daddy Dearest: Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter is Supporting Barack Obama.” This pathetic excuse for a journalist even pasted a picture from the girl’s web site with her “story”. Here is what she left out. The girl didn’t want publicity and has not expressed any position publicly. She is a minor. She even used a different last name to avoid publicity. You wouldn’t know this since caustic Caldwell never mentioned that the girl was trying to keep her life private. She referred only to the girl using a slight variation of her name. How slight? You decide if the difference between Giuliani and .... Rose G is only slight. That is a big variation not a slight one. Ms. Caldwell is as honest as she is ethical. Slate took the page and blurred the last name making it hard to see that she intentionally used a different last name to avoid publicity and covering up the fact that the variation was not slight, as claimed by Caldwell.
I hate that internet assholes everywhere are calling Caldwell names like bimbo and whore, and I think exposing her personal information was... well, actually, I'm having trouble on that one. It was bad. But it's a little bit funny. But it was bad.

Anyway - what do people think about this? Did Caldwell have a right to expose information visible to 40,000 people to 400 million people? Did the FreeStudents blog have a right to highlight information that was already publicly accessible on the internet in retaliation?