December 03, 2007

When you're good to Mama ...

Because this is the kind of serious news we do here I've had the hots for Queen Latifah since Chicago, Quench is proud to bring you the following announcement (via Ginmar and Media Take-Out):

Queen Latifah gets engaged to her girlfriend Jeannette!

A nicer pair of hotty-mc-hot-pantses, I never have seen; I wish them all the best!

(Though I'm a little saddened by the general trend of the comments thread at MTO...)


icarus said...

i always knew she was just a little too convincing in "set it off."


emily2 said...

second the "set it off" comment. :)

Rhea said...

This is the greatest news! Queen Latifah rules. I don't want her to have to be secretive about her life.