December 29, 2007

A less-altruistic way to spend your money?

So, I was sitting around in a jet-lagged stupor (flying with large poodles to semi-rural areas is an adventure I don't recommend you try), capable of nothing but playing click-the-linky.

Which brought me to, an advertiser on our friends The Bilerico Project. And oh, holy heck, does this site make me want to spend money I don't have. Basically, it's pretty, queerly-themed jewelry, and 10% of the proceeds are donated to Lambda Legal. (So, y'know, it's not totally socially unredeemable money-spending... right?)

Anyway, if anyone ever decides to propose marriage to me (Mirrorball Man, I'm looking at you!), this is the ring I want them to use:

I think ... I might possibly be a bit of a femme.

(And now to redeem this post from utter frivolity: Queen Emily at Sexual Ambiguities has written a characteristically brilliant post called "My Love is Pink" about being a feminist femme trans woman. Go read. Now.)


Anonymous said...

Having recently done some research on this topic, I want to warn you and any potential proposers to be careful.

I wanted titanium because it was awesome and is in space shuttles but as it turns out, if you get injured, they can't cut it off like they can gold or other soft metals. See, it's in spaceships because it's strong.

emily0 said...

O noes!

Better make them make it out of silver. Hardened silver? (Mithril? LoTR LOL.)

That's sad.

But my goodness that's pretty for an engagement ring, although I think it would date you in a few years given its rather... modern? style.

icarus said...

that's pretty adorable.

The Mirrorball Man said...

I've called your mother and she says I can propose (especially with that ring!). Unfortunately, I already have a wifey, who is wonderful, sexy, and possibly a bit femme herself. Sorry. :-(

But I still <3 you!

icarus said...

back offa my hubby! he's all mine!