December 04, 2007

Are you *serious,* Cambridge Chronicle?

Question: when, oh when are we going to stop finding Aerosmith "Dude Looks Like a Lady" references popping up in headlines referring to transwomen? (And can I please just go hibernate until then?)

Shoplifter dude looks like a lady
By Erin Smith/Chronicle Staff

Cambridge - Police are looking for a pair of shoplifting ladies and the cross-dressing man who allegedly served as their decoy while the women stole batteries and computer software from a 24-hour Kinko’s in Harvard Square.

Officers responded to Kinko’s at 1 Mifflin Place for a report of shoplifting early Saturday morning.

The night manager told police the front door is locked at night and the manager unlocked the door to let in two women and a man dressed as a woman at about 12:50 a.m., according to police reports. The cross-dressing man began to talk to with the manager while the two women went upstairs in the store and stuffed about $150 worth of CDs, batteries and small, miscellaneous items into their backpacks, according to reports.

... blah, blah, blah, snipped for being boring.

Anyway, this is seriously not clever. Or even original, because goodness knows The University of Georgia Law Review was all over this in 2002, with their ground-breaking "My 'Dude Looks Like a Lady': The Constitutional Void of Transsexual Marriage."

Perhaps it's worth suggesting to some at the Chronicle - like News Editor David Harris - that even in the Age of Borat, stupid and offensive isn't always the same thing as funny.

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maudite entendante said...

Correction, which I'm posting here because I can't edit the actual post from my cell phone: I have no reason to believe that the alleged shoplifter was a transwoman rather than a cross-dresser. Since the media usually lose subtleties like this and call *everyone* some variant of a "man in a dress," I guess I tend to overcorrect in the opposite direction.

So in the first paragraph, where I say "transwoman," I should have said "transfeminine person." Hat tip to WTTO for pointing it out.

My point still stands though - the headline is neither funny nor original.