December 06, 2007

Announcing Competition: Worst Campaign Ad you've seen

I was just introduced to Tancredo's ad in which he explains that immigrants "rape children."

Please post to the comments with links to other candidates for worst ad. If a lot of people post, I will unilaterally select a few finalists and set up a vote for what you think is worst. Or we could do it short-answer style if you prefer.

Here's the offending ad.

Hat tip to Racialicious for this ad.


maudite entendante said...

Wow ... that's a whole lot of special, right there.

icarus said...



Markus Kolic said...

North Carolina has a good track record for repulsive campaign ads. The most purely discomfiting one I've ever seen was Jesse Helms' famous "Hands" commercial from 1990 (made by Dick Morris, of all people).

Less terrifying and more ridiculous: the 2006 race in NC-13 gave us Vernon Robinson, whose bizarre Twilight Zone ad rolled every right-wing stereotype into one and put a nice bow on it. Must-see.

emily0 said...

Tom Tancredo is descended from Italian immigrants - descended as in they are his mother and father. Both of them came straight from Italy, non fabulamo inglese.

He opposes legal immigration.

Someone, please make my head stop hurting.