November 18, 2007

Things That Are So Awkward I Really Should Keep Them to Myself, But Since I'm Clearly a Person with No Shame, I Shall Not

Discovering that you've painfully injured your back while having sex.

With yourself.

Oh my God this is so awkward.


Anonymous said...

been there. definitely been there.

-- quenchista posting anonymously as s/he still has some shame.

maudite entendante said...

Vibrators actually come in pretty handy for emergency-massaging spasming muscles.

Or so I'm told.

emily0 said...

Hahahaha lol maudite

At least it wasn't like the time I sneezed while sitting down and reaching over my shoulder for something. As you might recall, I was in such bad pain I fell down onto the floor and had to have my roommates come and carry me to my bed. For days.

It would have been really really awk if I had been trapped immobile and had to call for help. "Uh, can you pass me a mitten before you take my hand? It's, uh, damp."

aurora said...

Embarrassed to say what you were reaching for, em0? :p

emily0 said...

I was peeing. I was reaching for toilet paper.