November 21, 2007


Tell me why you are thankful.


Miriam said...

I started to write a list, but I realized that nothing at all could be comprehensive, so here are just a few things that I'm thankful for - and also, "thankful" doesn't even begin to address the immense sense of gratitude, amazement, and humility that I feel when I think about the following things: I'm so thankful for all of the love in my life - my parents, my brother, the rest of my extended family, my friends, people in my community. I'm thankful that, after breaking his back over a year ago, that my brother is still alive and mobile. I'm thankful for my health and my body. I'm thankful to live in a society and go to school in a place that allows me personal agency and freedom. I'm thankful for feminist activism before I was born. I'm thankful for the right to walk down the street and not feel afraid. I'm thankful for the right to control my reproductive system. I'm thankful for feeling righteously angry a lot and living in a place where I don't have to be afraid to talk about that anger.

I guess it comes down to this: I feel so lucky, and - despite my questionable relationship with religion - so blessed, in innumerable ways. It's great to have a day to reflect on it, and to take the time to actually go up to important people in your life and say "thank you."

emily0 said...

My indigenous ancestors didn't die at the hands of Europeans and their invaders? Excepting, of course, the males like my great-grandpa who died of drink.

Sorry, Thanksgiving makes me bitter.

Also my kind family, who paid for my surgery. And for good science fiction, the SciFi Channel and the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim series, who have kept me as close to sane as possible over these years.

emily0 said...

The above may seem petty, but I'm focusing on the here and now.

icarus said...

i'm thankful for all the friends who have cheered me up these past few weeks.

and for all the hot people who blog for Quench. yeaaah.

Anonymous said...


Friends who I don't see much but who are still important to me. I am feeling like I've learned a lot particularly from icarus, spork, mirrorballman, and a new quench writer whose username I don't know this year.

For family and safety.

For the opportunity to witness good changes in the world.

Thanks everyone for all of your input. I had a bad weekend that weekend and it was great to hear from you all.


Fetiche said...

I'm thankful that:

1) I've been accepted as an American;
2) I'm not a liberal.