October 03, 2007

"...they are going to have to pry this vibrator from my cold, dead hand..."

AP News reports: Court Leaves Alabama Sex Toy Ban Intact.

Looks like Alabama residents will have to go out of state bounds to get their sex toys, as the Supreme Court has refused to hear the case, ending a NINE-YEAR legal battle!

The law bans the distribution of "any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs for anything of pecuniary value." Thankfully, they have carved out an exception for condoms, or that law could have gotten pretty ugly in Alabama.

Looks like "obscenity laws" are at it again. Thoughts? Anyone like me in wondering why they would go to such great effort to prevent people from having orgasms in the privacy of their own home? I mean, don't politicians have anything better to do than to think about sex? Like using public toilets at airports? Or covering up the overwhelming evidence (Here) that they might be gay?


Anonymous said...

"prevent people from having orgasisms"

Not to be a conspiracy theorist but most of the legislators are straight men. I'm not sure that these laws are preventing them from having very many orgasms. (just from having better ones).

icarus said...

i think we should add this to the list of "Things that are awkward."

garçon-fille said...

"i think we should add this to the list of 'Things that are awkward.'"

haha, I second!

emily0 said...

I am reminded of Laury Silvers' performance as "angered spectator" in Michael Muhammad Knight's Mexican wrestling match against Ibrahim Hooper (a farce, of course; the real Ibrahim Hooper is a famous, right-wing Muslim nut), during which, black burqa-clad, she strode over and began beating MMH with a dildo wrapped in barbed wire.

How sad to imagine it could never happen in Alabama without going out of state first.

Anonymous said...

You know how sometimes people get buried with an item that they found really important in their lives?

Well, perhaps we should bury more people with vibrators. That's what this quote made me think of and I laughed out loud.