October 15, 2007

sleep - the other kind of self-care

Hi Quenchistas,

I have a question for you all. We are always reading about studies that say we should sleep more, or that we should sleep less, or that we should try some new pattern of sleep.

We talk a lot about sex on this blog, but I'm not sure we've talked about sleep. It seems like a lot of activists I know who are also full time employed/students don't get a lot of sleep. Even activists I know who are not tend to lose a lot of sleep here and there. So...

  • How much do you usually sleep?
  • How much did you sleep last night?
  • Do you feel that you are getting "enough sleep"? How much sleep do you think would be "enough"?
  • Do you use any method or routine that helps you to sleep more/better?
  • How do you know what is "enough sleep" for you?
  • And, to make this question quench-specific (see, you knew I was getting there), what is the most awkward thing that you have witnessed related to or during sleep (yours or someone else's)?


Julia said...

1) Usually? 6-8 hours.

2) Last night? ~10, but I'm recovering from a cold, so I'm loading up heavily on sleep.

3) "Enough sleep"? Excuse me while I laugh hysterically.

4) I have a mask I wear so I can continue sleeping after dawn. Otherwise the light coming in wakes me up.

5) ...I've got one, but I'm too embarrassed to actually mention it publically. :)

garçon-fille said...

1)Usually 6 to 8 hrs

2)Last night was awful, I theoretically slept 7 hours, but I had a bunch of really strange dreams, and I kept waking up, and then there was this mewing noise in the courtyard that went on for like an hour and kept me awake (not restful at all).

3)I never feel like I sleep enough while I'm at school. Ideally I would get 9.5 hours of good sleep. Past experimentation has shown that I generally tend to feel great after 9.5 hours of sleep.

4)Nothing short of heavy medication helps me get to sleep. I'm a really light sleeper, and any sort of noise or light severely interferes with my ability to sleep.

5)I know I've gotten enough sleep when I don't feel like going back to sleep when I wake up in the morning and then proceed to do so.

6)Awkward sleep stories...
Because I'm such a light sleeper and pretty much everything keeps me awake, I never have that sensation of waking up after a drunken one-night stand and being like "what the hell?" because I never fall asleep to begin with. Lying awake all night next to someone I hardly know, listening to them snore (or whatever)... awkward.

Anonymous said...

I finally caught up on sleep since that post. It is so nice. Thank you for your ideas. My awkward sleep moments mostly have to do with the fact that I will talk in my sleep if someone else tlaks to me and I Have a little trouble saying anything that isn't incredibly (too) honest when I'm asleep.


icarus said...

1. i sleep ~7 hours during the week, and more on weekends. i HATE waking up, or being woken up.
2. i don't think i get enough sleep.
3. is sex a "method/routine"?
4. "enough sleep" is like, until at least 11 am.
5. most awkward...drooling.