October 01, 2007

Now that's what I call an incremental victory.

Too early to tell for sure, but word has it that Rep. Frank will not be dumping trans people from the version of ENDA to be considered by the House, and will instead delay the vote to round up support for a fully-inclusive ENDA.

From Gay City News:
Heeding Task Force, HRC, Many Others, Congress Slows Down ENDA

From 365gay.com:
Vote on ENDA delayed as LGBT pressure mounts

More news as it breaks.

If this is true, it's all the more important for you (us!) to call our Representatives and urge them to come out in favor of the trans-inclusive ENDA. Frank and Pelosi are giving us time to get the votes we need to pass this thing - so let's get them.


icarus said...

i am still waiting for official word, but it looks like the tide has turned.

WTTO wrote "the trans community was underestimated." i agree. i think that everyone was underestimated - allies, friends, family. i think everyone called for our leaders to do the right thing. now let's hope that they will. i'm really proud of all of you right now, for writing letters, blogging, raising awareness or just discussing these issues, however you feel.

sleep well, everyone.

emily2 said...


oooh shit! drama!

(sorry, nothing constructive to say. in between projects.)

emily2 said...

link again: