October 04, 2007

The Mommy Makeover

Pathologizing mothers' bodies? How far can we really go?

Like all plastic surgery, I think there are naturally warranted cases. But this photos on this site show "before" pictures that look pretty darn good, I should say.

I know there are supposed conflicts between women being mothers and women being in the workforce, but come on: there's no conflict between a woman being a mother and a woman being a woman. Our bodies change through puberty, and if someone became pregnant, the body would certainly change too. Why can't these be signs of pride? A good friend discussed with me how women are becoming increasingly sexualized and virginalized - objects and not agents of sexuality in that women must be sexually attractive but not sexually active (I mean, clearly this has always been the case, but Nelly Furtado is the only recent example I can think of where motherhood, the clearest evidence of sexual activity, actually increased sex apeal). The mommy job restores that myth, making it seem like the woman was never sexually active and is still ripe for the picking.

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icarus said...

those photos are creepy. and awkward. i'm adding them to the list of things that are awkward, so i don't get rageful instead.