October 12, 2007

First the serious, then the fun

First the serious. I read an interesting article this morning about mysogeny and transphobia during this whole ENDA debate. I would be interested to see what significants you attribute to what some has pointed out as a huge proportion of the anti-inclusive ENDA advocates being white gay men. (Of course, here in Boston, we have Susan Ryan-Vollmar, a Bay Windows editor who wrote an article last week referring to trans advocates as "petulant" and demanting trans inclusion as "madness.") (See this week's Bay Windows for several responses to her article and one article supporting her position.)

Now for the fun.

Check out what I missed at the 4th China Reproductive Health New Technologies & Products Expo in Beijing July 11, 2007.

So hot! It's great when safer sex items are shown as so hot and fun. Here are some pictures from various places on the internet.

For the sake of the models, I hope the condoms were unlubricated.

From Ah Boon


garçon-fille said...

Condom clothes are awesome! ::gets out a sewing machine::

icarus said...

wow, i'm impressed by how fancy (and fashionable) they are. that must have taken forever