October 20, 2007

Dumbledore Gay, News at 11



icarus said...


Anonymous said...

Didn't all of the books come out already? How can an author just "release" new "facts"?


kaya said...

thats how i felt about it too! its great that dumbledore "came out" and all, but please. harry potter is not a real person. his life does not continue past the books. if she really cant stop herself from telling people all these things that happen later (apparently hermione gets a great job at the ministry) she should just write another book. bad form, jk. bad form.

EMTZAlex said...

I hate to go off on this, but people have been saying this across the internet, and I feel the need to speak up. She did not issue this in a press release, or on a bumper sticker, or on her website. She was asked a question by a fan, which she answered. She's been doing this for years, and consensus has always been that things she says on the record are canonical for the series. The only diff here is that she got a ton more recognition, because the attempt to combat homophobia (as well as a concerted effort to reinforce it) is causing tension in our society.

The information was not relevant to the story (there was little discussion of sexuality to start with, and none in regard to any adult characters), and like other revelations JKR has made, is only for the fans who want new insight into the mind of the author. If you're a hardcore fan, you probably care. If not, the answer wasn't for you. Just like the announcement that Neville married Hannah Abbott, it offers further insight into Rowling's thinking.

Sorry, but I needed to vent a little.