October 03, 2007

Bush vetoes child health insurance bill...

Bush vetoes a child health insurance bill...

Now it all makes sense! While this veto might mean that more children can't get treatment for sickness and die, Bush has a solution! By "protecting" marriage and the state's interest in reproduction, as well as by making abortion illegal, it will offset the loss of babies! More babies means America is #1!

I stand by Stephen Colbert's apt statement: "Everybody knows reality has a liberal bias."


highland said...


I don't like how Republicans are like "Democrats are just trying to make it seem like Bush is against protecting children...."

...... Which it is.

Gosh, with his reputation down, support in polls down, and socialized medicine being considered more and more seriously, this is a terrible move on his part. I think I lost my last shred of ... not respect, but non-ill will, for him.

One argument is also that the program won't be able to fund itself because with increased health insurance, smoking will go down, cigarette-made money will go down, funding for the program will go down. If anything, insurance makes people take _fewer_ preventative measures, so - I don't know.

I wonder if we can sponsor a child on our own nation.

icarus said...

wow, that is also Something Awkward. let's add it to the list.