October 24, 2007

the bait and switch - another tactic white people use to allow racism to continue

I want to point you all over to a conversation at Alas!. The post is titled "Whites Need to Take Responsibility for Their Racism (Alternate Title: Stop Giving White People 2nd, 3rd and 4th Chances When Blacks Get Zero Chances)."

It is about the way white people perpetuate racism by changing the topic when a white person's racist words are actions are the topic of discussion, to talk about a person of color or a group of people of color's actions or behaviors. (Actually, the examples in the post are mostly specifically about black people rather than people of color more generally.) I won't say more here because I want to encourage folks to go over there, check out the post, and take part in the discussion.

This may be the first time we've linked to Alas! so be sure to say a warm hello.

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icarus said...

i'm really glad you posted this. i think this also ties into a larger issue of the way that people (especially the right wing) can re-frame debates in such as way as to prevent discussion of certain ideas or consideration of certain viewpoints (like, now we have "insurgents" and "homeland security" and "evil-doers" as part of our national discourse)...

two things i found interesting were: 1. the analogy of white people admitting to racism as similar to Alcoholics Anonymous ("the first step is admitting you have a problem") and 2. the way that shifting the "bait and switch" results in white people (mostly) blaming victims of racism for the racism itself. which is insane, when you think about it.

anyway, i'd encourage everyone to check out the thread.