October 31, 2007


Hi everyone!

Happy Halloween (hopefully, some spooky posts to come!)
But I just had to share this great post by ily, over at Asexy Beast. In it, she writes about coming out as asexual:

Luckily, the people close to me in my life accept me for who I am. But there are countless others who try to come out as asexual and only get responses like the one above: "THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!!" I think some of these adamants can eventually see the light...I invite him or her to read the rest of this blog and discover the fact that we are not trying to tear apart your world; just finding a way to live in it that makes sense to us.

I suggest you check out her other blog entries too - they're smart, funny and interesting.


Ily said...

Aww, thank you so much! I feel the love. :-)

Derrick Davidson said...

Same Too You (Happy Halloween)

Anonymous said...

I say bravo to her, and she's braver than I. But when I sit down with friends (who don't know about me and have never met an asexual, to be fair) and they say they 'don't believe' it, it's hard to challenge them.