September 22, 2007


So I was frightened of masturbating for a while due to guilty experiences with cybersex upon turning the big double digit. I turned to my best friend and asked for help. "Help!" I cried over AOL Instant Messenger, begging the girl I took pictures of flipflops with in middle school to give me tips on where the clitoris was. She gave me a time-line - 20 minutes (although a recent study reported in Cosmo that I read today on my way to buy conditioner and pepto bismol said that men take 11 minutes, women 12, not statistically different I guess?) and some tips about variation and etc. She also recommended this fabulous website:

This guide is fantastic. Use it well. I've found that I skip over most of them, but about 70% of the ones I've clicked I've found really wonderful.

I tried writing erotica after this, but found that I used all of my good adjectives in the first two sentences.

Hi. I'm Highland! I joined this so I could share with you a top ten weberotica post, but I really know just that one. So here are some suggestions by friends:
........write your own! GO!


aurora said...

My picks:
- Clean Sheets - fiction, articles, poetry, erotica, etc. They publish on Wednesdays. A healthy mix of hetero and queer stuff.
- 247RichardAndAmy - blog co-written by a 24/7 D/s couple. It's interesting and hot and the photography's great.
- Sugasm - Weekly roundup of sex blog posts.

Anonymous said...

Eleven minutes for guys? Is Cosmo out of their minds? It takes two to three minutes, tops. Five or six if you deliberately stretch it out or if you're on your second try. I don't know what kind of ubermensch endurance-swimmers Cosmo was talking to, but if a guy can really last eleven minutes by himself, he either has the self-discipline of a Marine or he's in porn.

icarus said...

oh, literotica. i was talking to a friend and she was like "once, i was looking at stories on literotica, and my roommate walked in and then looked at my computer and got really awkward. that's when i realized it said "EROTIC STORIES EROTIC STORIES EROTIC STORIES" all down the side of my computer screen."


icarus said...

oh, and welcome, Highland! :-)

emily0 said...

wank wank wank wank wank ftw