September 19, 2007

If you want to pay more, that's OUR business.

Taking notes in class may be encouraged, but apparently it can get you kicked out of the Coop.

Jarret A. Zafran ’09 said he was asked to leave the Coop after writing down the prices of six books required for a junior Social Studies tutorial he hopes to take.

It seems that the Coop is trying to keep students from spending less on textbooks. For students looking to cut costs (and support charity), check out Crimson Reading.

Update: Here's a Boston Globe article detailing the Coop's refusal to cooperate with students.


Jeremie said...

That's odd. I spent two hours in the Coop the other day writing down prices and ISBNs for my four classes. They just kept asking if I needed help.

TomH said...

Jeremie - please send us your ISBNs!

Tom H
Crimson Reading co-founder